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1 Characters List on Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:24 pm

All of the characters, organized by member:

Earthdweller's characters-
(Not a Snitch) || Johnathan Casing || 16 || Male || Force Fields, Telepathy, Ice/Snow || Room 1 || Earthdweller || 5'8" with mid-brown hair and gold-brown eyes. He is slender, but with wiry muscle || Johnathan is quiet and thoughtful, but creative and has crazy ideas sometimes. Adventourous, and almost always moving, he tries to build machines to help the teens possibly escape. He was found by the scientists when he was 13, and taken from his family and home in the outer suburbs of Denver. This happened just as his powers manifested and he was using them for the very first time. He was out on a hike at the time, and his family never knew where he went.

(Snitch?) || Matthew 'Matt' Oliver Powell || 19 || Male || Telekinesis, Sound, and Earth || Room 11 || Earthdweller || Tall, well built, with mostly black hair but bright streaks of silver from his powers manifesting uncontrolled. Green eyes. He has scars on his arms and hands from the car accident he caused from his powers, which also revealed him to the scientists. || He grew up in San Francisco, and even after he moved out of his parents house to attend college, he stayed in the city, he always felt at home there. He was driving through town when his powers manifested quite suddenly and he lost control, the car plowing into a parked one and exploding. He was mostly unharmed, being in the 'Newborn' state, and was almost immediately located and abducted by the scientists. He was one of the first teens abducted, and was experimented on heavily. His third power, earth, manifested while being tested on, killing three scientists, and after that, he was put in solitary until he was deemed stable ad brought out. He is treated well by the scientists, after all he helped them greatly disregarding the accidents. However, he keeps to himself a lot, and dislikes it greatly when he is asked to reveal information about the teens. He dreams of escape, not feeling anger towards the scientists as much as longing for the life he never got to live.

Head Scientist || Christopher Blake || 37 || Male || Earthdweller || Average height, sandy brown hair. Medium build with longer arms and legs and a short torso. Balding, very pale skin, and wears small wire-rimmed glasses. || Controlling, OCD, and sometimes loses his temper. Ambitious, and will do almost anything for money, yet is somewhat close to the teens.

| Jerry Gulliver || 34 || Male || Earthdweller || Tall, strongly built man with chiseled features and a strong, square jaw. Light Brown/blond hair cropped close to his head. He has thick forearms and powerful legs, with a chest like a barrel, although surprisingly small feet. This feature, however, allows him to move quickly and agilely without much sound. || Jerry is harsh, but with some sense of humour, and can be quite oppressing. He tends to exert his power over others and enjoys watching them suffer or squirm.

Brightfire's Charcters:
(Snitch) |Amanda Clarke| 17 || Female || Ice, Mime and Pyrokinesis|| Room 16 || Brightfire || Amanda is a tall and very skinny. She has a nice tan, with curly blonde hair and light blue eyes. Amanda usually wears flat shoes, that change style on the day, a skirt that is just higher than her knees and a tight top. || Amanda can be very flirty and acts very innocent to get what she wants. Her true colours are very different. She can be manipulative, cunning and very selfish. She has a very self-esteem and is extremely confident. She isn't exactly brave and hates hard work, preferring to let others do the work themselves. Before Amanda got taken, she was a spoilt brat and got everything she wanted. Upon arriving she soon turned into a snitch to get things she wanted, including a nice supply of clothes and accessories. Most people assume that she just complained so much the scientists gave her what she want rather than her turning into a snitch.

(Not a Snitch) || Freya Sky || 16 || Female || Electricity, Darkness, Storm || Room 17 || Brightfire || She is tall, very skinny and has very pale skin from staying indoors too much. She has long, wavy, blonde hair that is usually pulled back into a ponytail. She has cold, blue eyes that usually are devoid of any emotion. Usually she wears a plain white t-shirt, a jumper and scruffy jeans. || Freya isn't very into starting conversations but will speak when spoken to. She can be incredibly impatient with people if they don't reach a decision about something. She finds loud people annoying but she can get used to them if she's around them a lot. The outdoors is a big no-no to her even though she is physically fit. She is very intelligent and thinks things through a lot. Freya spent most of her life hated by her parents because she wasn't what they wanted her to be. She loves video games and used to spend a lot of her time learning how to hack into other peoples computers. At the age of 14 she finally hacked into a high up company and accidentally deleted every bit of data. She managed to cover her tracks but was still worried about being caught. She then ran off with but was kidnapped by a scientist only hours later.

Gingersquirrel's Characters:
(Not a Snitch) || Nirea Darkrose || 18 || Female || Telepathy, Healer, Sleep || Room 16|| Gingersquirrel || Very slimly built, with all her strength falling into her arms. Black hair with a violet sheen to it and gray-green eyes. || Over the years of her captivity, she's picked up the habit of never saying what she should directly, preferring to be vague. It's deliberately irritating, though the scientists are the ones she irritates the most with it, understandably. She's also fond of putting scientists to sleep when she can make eye contact with them.

(Not a Snitch) || Kyle Windtide || 19 || Male || Water, Electricity, Force field || Room 10 || Gingersquirrel || Tall and lanky, Kyle has the potential to be a relatively well built young man, if only he'd grow out of the awkward teenager stage he's in. Brown hair with silver streaks (the silver is an unfortunate side effect of his powers manifesting uncontrolled), brown eyes. Severe scarring from before he was kidnapped across his back and calloused knuckles from bare-hand brawling.|| Despite being raised in a street gang, Kyle retained some strangely civilized morals. He's quite polite until you do something he's not fond of. He's quite keen on making himself appear weaker than he really is when it comes to his abilities, hoping one day he'll be underestimated and can get out of there.

Bramblefurr's Characters:
(Not a Snitch) || Jacob Stone || 17 || Male || Telepathy, Ice/Snow, shape-shift || Room 10 || bramblefurr || About 5'11" in height. Thin and lean. Weight is around 160 lb. Dark blue hair and shockingly light blue eyes. Sharp teeth,short nails. Wears either jeans and black tee shirt or white hoodie with slacks. Very smart but an introvert. Good memory but often tunes people out.. Doesn't talk much,and when he does it's only to those he trusts. Is a musician and loves art. A sarcastic comedian at times. Loves techno and video games,likes the idea of hacking but only ever became a script kiddie before being taken.

(Snitch?) || Toby Tackage || 18 || Male || Pyrokinesis, super-strength,sleep || Room 10 || bramblefurr || Tall and broad. Looks like he plays football a lot. Handsome. Orange hair with specks of red in it that reaches his collar. Has a Dark green eye and a light brown one. || Acts as a leader. Loud and thinks he is funny.Always the center of attention. Burned down his orphanage at age 6. Both parents died in a freak car wreck after he was born. Was put into foster care. He has lived in 18 different homes. He has a fiery temper. Will throw a fit if told he has to eat vegetables, on account of one foster family he stayed with were vegans.

Skybeam's Characters:
(Not a snitch) || Marina Winsdale || 16 ||Female|| Storm, Ice/Snow, Water || Room 18 ||Skybeam|| Marina is of average height and weight for her age (16 almost 17). She is thin with an athletic build and dark blue eyes/ long brown hair. Marina is a quiet girl, not shy just not overly friendly either. She is very observant and excels in her studies. A bit of a loner, Marina hasn't really made any friends at the compound over the two and half years she has been there. Marina is the type of girl who likes to just disappear, if there are any empty rooms or secret passageways she would be the one to find them and use them as a hideaway. Don't call her Marina if you value your life, most days she simply goes by Mara. Little is known about her history and Marina certainly never talks about how she came to be at the compound. Marina enjoys the outdoors and loves to be in nature, but she also likes to find a quiet shadow to read in. Marina is more of a night owl, than a morning person so she may seem particularly grouchy in the morning.

SilverstarWarrior*'s Characters:
(Not a snitch) || Savannah Wolf || 16 || Female || shape shifting (wolf, white tiger, barn owl), storm, snow/ice || Room 15 || SilverstarWarrior* || Savannah is tall and lean, with light dirty blonde hair that's more blonde than brown. Her eyes are an almost emerald green, and the same color when she's a wolf or owl, but crystal blue when she's a tiger. Most of the time she can be found in one of her animal forms, rather liking being an animal. || Savannah is normally pretty happy, considering when she lives, but she can snap if you annoy her. She's pretty level-headed, but can definitely get annoyed, and she usually will shift to of her forms and hide somewhere to calm down before she attacks them. Savannah's parents died when she was young in a car crash, caused when her powers had started to manifest. Lightning struck nearby, and her parents swerved as a reaction to the sudden burst of lightning. She was then put in a foster home. She was found by the scientists when she was caught shifting into a tiger in the forest, and therefore captured soon after when she had shifted back.

Jaycrow's Characters:
(Not a snitch) || Nicholas Bentley || 16 || Male || Sleep/dream, mime.|| Room number: 1|| Jaycrow || With dirty blonde unkempt curly hair and gray eyes, Nicholas looks like the average teen. || His attitude is quite humorous, seeing that Nicholas is mostly a tad unsocial in groups. The main things that set Nicholas off from the others is that he likes to individually chat better than just talking for no reason, giving him a more serious demeanor. He is a happy, jovial person who can be the opposite when antagonized or badgered. Nicholas is not the type of individual to just hand out information to people when asked, including his background.

|| Trevor Easton|| 20 || Male || No powers|| No room number || Jaycrow || Trevor Easton is a 5'9" strong jawed man who has naturally shaggy dark brown hair that is constantly brushed forward on his head, but his hair never gets past more than two inches. His body is quite lean and muscular from the constant desire to stay fit for any situation that he could be in and Trevor likes to trim his rough facial hair on his jawline. Also has blue/green eyes. || very outgoing, but opinionated and blatant. Trevor joined in after getting a nice deal in with the organization that hired him to look after the teens, maybe even help the scientists with whatever they needed when necessary. Other than being physically fit, Trevor has taken most of his career before becoming a guard to study in a scientific field.

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