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1 Credit on Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:56 pm

The Special Ones, created by Earthdweller, Gingersquirrel, bramblefurr, brightfire1234, and *Silverheart* is a remake of ѕιℓνєя7’s The Special Ones (On the Erin Hunter Message Boards). ѕιℓνєя7 was a user on the Erin Hunter message boards. She has given us permission to remake this roleplay. We did not steal The Special Ones from her nor have we plagiarized any of the text. This roleplay’s idea is simply based off of ѕιℓνєя7’s, since this is a remake. All ideas belong to The Special Ones, including the idea, font design, and words. Earthdweller, Gingersquirrel, bramblefurr, brightfire1234, and *Silverheart* have typed this out themselves, and the idea is based on the original The Special Ones owned by ѕιℓνєя7 on the Erin Hunter Message Boards. Do not plagiarize this forum's roleplay.

The inspiration for the Forum Layout, etc., comes from Jaystep's similar site, The Wild RP :)He's a great guy, go check him out! Very Happy

The Forum Background is from this website.

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