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Teens, Guards, and Scientists

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1 Teens, Guards, and Scientists on Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:36 pm

✇ The Teens ✇
The Teens can have two powers at most, three if you are granted Mod status. Mod means you can accept new members, and basically fill in when I, Earthdweller, am not here, to settle fights and such. Most of the teens have strangely colored hair, a side affect of the manifestation of their powers. There is a small group of teens, the first to be caught by the Scientists, who are the Scientist's 'pets'. They snitch on the other teens a lot, and are given special treatment, and can basically do whatever they want without punishment, as long as it doesn't harm scientists or guards. They do this because of a promise of freedom someday. These teens' powers are more uncontrollable, because they weren't contained until after manifestation. The powers are sometimes much more powerful than normal, but often will stop working or be 'glitchy'.

Schedule-on Forum time, just a basic guideline to go by for Roleplay. Roleplay time should follow Forums time closely.
6:30 AM- Wake up/Shower
7:00 AM- Breakfast in the cafeteria
8:00 AM- morning free time
9:00 AM- morning testing (for half of the teens, other half continue free time)
11:30 AM- Lunch in the cafeteria
12:15 PM-3:00 PM- Free time in the pool and weight room
3:00 PM- Afternoon testing(for those not already tested in the morning, otherwise they have free time)
5:30 PM- Dinner in the cafeteria
6:00 PM- free time in cells (doors unlocked, boys can move between boys rooms, girls between girls rooms)
9:00 PM- Lights out, to own cells, doors locked.

✇ The Guards ✇
Most of the Guards are 'top of the line' athletes; the football players that were "too violent for sports," and a couple ex-cons. They are paid to watch the teens and keep peace, by any means. Hobbies for most is toying with tasers and the rest just ignore the teens when they can. All guards wear standard black body suits that adsorb the teens powers when hit. Standard weapon is a taser and club. They swore an oath on their lives that they would not report to the outside world about the secret facility and the Scientists.

✇ The Scientists ✇
The group of Scientists that first worked with the Special Ones were hired by the government from all across the world, and they were bribed handsomely. They were told nothing of what they would be working on, and have almost no contact with the outside world. Most of the scientists were greedy, and they became deeply involved in the project. Once the first wave of Special Ones had been contained and experimented on, more scientists were hired, and one, Christopher Blake, rose up and formed the Special Ones Organization, and the government built the compound for them. Christopher Blake was very rich, and working with the government, he captured many more of the Teens. He made a breakthrough in the studies of the teens, and became the renowned leader of all the Scientists in the Special Ones Organization. He hopes to find a way to force powers into genetically engineered clones, creating an army of super-people for world domination.

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