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1 Rules on Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:35 pm

✇ Rules ✇
» Please do not god-mode or power mode. This is a power rp, and all of the teens are expected to be evenly matched. There is no true ultimate power.
» There can be relationships between any of the boy teens and girl teens, just remember to keep it G-PG at the max. I will not tolerate it if you break this rule.
» The in-roleplay time will be forum time. Please see The Teens description for the daily schedule inside the compound. If there is a bigger roleplay going on, and it isn't finished by the time people leave, it's okay to carry it on the next day. Just don't start you charrie sleeping in the middle of the day. Wink
» Please be literate. 'ppl who tlk lik dis' will be kindly asked three times to type literately. If they do not stop, they will be suspended from this RP and possibly banned if they continue to ignore. I will allow some text talk in OOC, such as g2g, bbl, etc., but none of this IC.
» Please do not spotlight your character all the time. There is no one super important person who the entire RP revolves around.
» Keep Roleplay to PG/PG13 at ALL times. If you're not sure if you should roleplay something that you think might be too violent, etc., then it's probably best to not do it.
» Thank you for following the rules. Have fun!

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